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Just Play PE provides primary school children unique and relevant games/activities that will keep them engaged and entertained whilst improving physical ability. Children will be taught how to use their bodies in a variety of different ways whilst learning and improving a vast array of skills. Not only will the children improve their co-ordination, balance and strength skills but they will also develop a broad range of physical movements i.e. throwing, running, hitting. During lessons children will learn how to multi-task and perform skills whilst under physical presence. Children will be taught rhythm and control whilst having fun in a welcoming and friendly environment. Many lessons will contain games and activities encouraging children to move bi-laterally enabling them to gain all round strength.


At just play our passion is to ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn and develop in a fun and captivating environment that suit all abilities. We know what motivates and excites children to enjoy sport within their PE lesson. To us, PE is not just part of the curriculum, but it is a way to help children to channel their energy and express themselves positively. We make it our aim to constantly update material so that our games and activities are not repeated, keeping the children guessing and the content challenging. Just Play sports provides children the chance to give any sport a try with no pressure being placed upon individuals. Our aim is to keep children smiling at all times in a non competitive and friendly environment. We believe that exploring a number of different sports is important in order to learn new and transferrable skills.


At Just Play we have the children's interests at heart and take on board their feedback to help improve future sessions. At Just Play we incorporate modern and specialist equipment into the sessions to enable children to try out widen their skill set and to try something new. We use Go Pro technology to enable children to watch back their favourite sporting moments from sessions and to boost confidence within their ability. This technology can also enlighten children to perhaps identify where their strengths and weaknesses may lay. We also use resistance bands, matrix sports quick feet and addidas mi coach balls to mix up sessions, to provide children with opportunities that other equipment cannot, and also to provide them with an extraordinary experience.  



You can book onto any of our classes below. We take payment via PayPal however you do not require a PayPal account. Find out more and see which class may suit your child best.








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