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 At Just Play Sports our passion is to ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn and develop in a fun and captivating environment that suits all abilities. We know what motivates and excites children to enjoy sport. To us, sport is a way to help children channel their energy and express themselves positively. We make it our aim to constantly update material so that our games and activities are not repeated, keeping the children guessing and the content challenging.

Just Play Sports provides children with the chance to give any sport a try with no pressure being placed upon individuals. Our aim is to keep children smiling at all times in a non competitive and friendly environment. We believe that exploring a number of different sports is important in order to learn new and transferrable skills. At Just Play Sports we have the children’s interests at heart and take on board their feedback to help improve future sessions.

The Just Play Sports team are all passionate and enthusiastic hand picked coaches who like to teach through innovative and moderns gaming techniques that are relevant to children’s present interest. We pride our staff on their ability to relate to children and their needs. All coaches are well trained and frequently updating their own skills. We believe that the ability to engage with children at all levels is crucial to providing the best lessons possible.

We believe that sport is a way of gaining confidence and will always encourage children to express themselves. Sport is for everyone, whether you’re old or young, amateur or professional, therefore everyone should be given a chance. Our aim is to get every single child we see, to enjoy sport and to allow their talents to blossom enough in that they feel confident in their own ability. An added bonus is that it keeps you fit and healthy as well as having fun at the same time.

















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