About Us

No pressure. No stress. Enable children to Just Play Sports.

It started with a young man, Jack, and his little Fiat van…

No, he didn’t try to sell his cow for magic beans. Nor did he head up the hill with Jill.

Instead he and his 57 sponge footballs, 236 cones, 37 bibs and 78 tennis balls scoured the lengths of South East Berkshire and North Hampshire, seeking out children who wanted to love sport, who wanted a hobby.

What started out as Soccerin Schools (it did exactly what it says on the tin), has evolved into more sports, more clubs, more venues and hundreds more children coming through our hypothetical doors to be provided access to sports, games and activities that have them returning year after year.

Now, we’re coaching PE lessons and school clubs, keeping children active throughout the holidays and hosting birthday parties. We’re on a mission to provide accessible sports in all shapes and sizes for all children. And we’re having the times of our lives doing it.

Meet your coaches

Jack Dillon

Company Director

  • Favourite game/activity we offer - Marbles 
  • Favourite sportsperson - Robbie Keane
  • Favourite ice cream flavour - That Phish food stuff Ben and Jerry's do
  • Favourite joke - What's red and invisible? No Tomatoes! 
  • Pet hate - Wet Socks! 

Jake Meade

Company Manager

  • Favourite game/activity we offer - Minion rush
  • Favourite sportsperson - David Beckham 
  • Favourite ice cream flavour - Mint Choc Chip
  • Favourite joke - Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the otter slide!
  • Pet hate - When children pick up the cones when they are not supposed to!

George Cavill

Lead Coach

  • Favourite game/activity we offer - Zorb football
  • Favourite sportsperson - Gianfranco Zola
  • Favourite ice cream flavour - Ben & Jerry's Peanut Buttercup
  • Favourite joke - How do you get hold of a penguin? You give them a wing!
  • Pet hate - Not helping to pack away equipment

James Starkey

Roger Goff

Kiah Owen

Harry Jungius

Harry McBain

Jack Reynolds

Luke Cutler

Matthew Starkey

Rowan Eggleton

Tom Ambler


Fun facts

  • Number of children’s birthday parties we hosted last year - 44
  • Number of children currently attending our clubs each week - 1612
  • Number of years our company has been running - 15
  • Number of sessions our coaches run each week - 77
  • Number of children who attended our summer holiday camps last year - 374


  • Jake has now run my son's birthday party for the third year in a row! He will not accept anything else other than a ‘Jake Birthday Party’. Each party is different and it exactly what my son wants. Loads of fun with all of his friends! Couldn’t recommend anymore.

    Joanne - Parent

  • My young girl has come to the Multi Skills after school sessions since she was 5 years old! 6 years later, she is still loving the sessions with Jack. They are so engaging and all of the children have such a good time.

    Andrew - Parent

  • My boys have been attending the Soccer Saturday session for a few years now and they have loved every single second of it. No matter the weather, the Soccerin Schools staff are there with a big smile on their face, ready to provide all of the kids with a brilliant introduction to football.

    Harvey - Parent

  • Jake and his team have been running Pre School sessions in our nursery for a number of years. The kids are so engaged and love it when Jake arrives! Would highly recommend Soccerin Schools to anyone.

    Amanda - Pre School Manager

  • Jack, Jake and the rest of the coaching staff have provided PE sessions in our school for many terms now. The games are inclusive for all and provide the children with the chance to play sport in a pressure free and safe environment. Each Summer, the team run a sports day for us, also known as the Mini Olympics! Jack and Jake put so much effort into the planning of this day and it shows!

    Louise - Head Teacher